9 October 2014

Blood Donation

What seemed to be a chance for her to donate blood ended with only me having to donate! Even though she did not donate, it was still a beautiful day!! :D Pretty much enjoyed the day with a session of Yoga (my healthy muscles stretched well thru the session!) and playing with Cooper, Louis and Paris after (boy are they energetic!).

Then came the time when we reached Bloodbank@Dhoby Ghaut and we were excitedly waiting in line to get our turn to donate blood! As it was her first time, they had to test to see if they were able to find a suitable vein in her arm to draw the blood from. News came as soon as I was done processing my particulars at the receptionist that SHE COULD NOT DONATE COS THEY COULDN'T FIND HER VEIN!!!!! *OMG max!!* So much for wanting to donate together yet again..... (note that we tried donating together a yr ago but we weren't able to donate as it was during the window period of our Batam trip [so those of you visiting Batam or any other Malaria-abundant areas do note! You can't donate within 3 mths from returning from that country!] But since I was processed already, might as well do my part and give a pack of blood to someone who might need it.

After all the med checkup and blood test (my blood's iron content went back down to normal. Time to pump up on the iron intake to make it iron-rich! More beneficial for many who might need it! :D), its onward to the blood donation area! Know how the preparation phase always freak people out? Well its good to be busy doing other things when they prepare those items so that u don't have to see the HUGE yakult straw needle (good boys can't lie... :p). "It'll only be like an ant bite." said the lady preparing the anaesthesia to numb the area. But it was really like a small ant bite. hehe. *note: for the benefit of those young chaps, I shall not talk about the inserting of the straw needle*.

 I thought it would take about 45 mins to draw the blood but within 10 mins the machine went *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!* and all went well! Talk about fast draining... And I had problems drawing 3 vials of blood for my pre-enlistment med checkup. Pretty much that was the end of blood donation and we both had a stress ball. One for me during my blood donation and another for her to squeeze and work out so that THE VEIN CAN BE FOUND!

Amber: Honestly, I'm scared. Have never done any blood test before and now I am to going donate blood. I felt so shy and yet elated when they told me my veins can't be found. So now, I will practise more handstands during Yoga and do more pumping. So worried to see the big straw needle being poked into my vein.. But on the side note, it's always good to donate blood as it can save someone's life. And at the Blood Bank, they even provide various drinks for you after you are done with your donation. The staff there are also very friendly. Anyway, if you would like to know more on the blood donation, visit HSA website. :)


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