25 February 2015

PasarBella @ The Grand Stand

A place that I wanted to visit for a long time - Pasarbella! Also known as the Farmer's Market, it has a list of sellers (cafes) under one roof. From fruits and vegetables, to addictive chocolates and desserts, to main dishes, a perfect place for gathering. But I was kinda disappointed as they doesn't have proper dishes for Vegetarians. However, you can still come here for their desserts, they have quite a range.

They have 2 main entrances, the east and the west. So here's the east entrance, with quite a fair bit of decoration, plus we went during the Christmas season.

Love what I see when we enter into PasarBella. feels like I'm on a holiday.

The first store that greeted us was The Providore, which I was really hoping to get to drink their Hot Chocolate with Mint, but was so sad, they don't sell it here. If you are a big fan of their Cheese Platters, then you are in for a treat. We also had their St Patrick's cookie ice-cream for dessert. Too savory for me, can't finish one on my own.

Something I don't expect to see. And that is, they sell fresh fruits and vegetables here too?! The tomatoes seems really yummy..

Some other cool stuff you will find in PasarBella.

Went to find the macaroons first from Bonheur Patisserie. But we just couldn't decide which to get. However, by the time we eat finish other food, which is 1.5 hours later, those cute little macaroons are gone!! Only left with those non-cartoon macaroons. Nevertheless, thumbs up for the appealing looks of the macaroons. The prices of the macaroons ranges from $3.50 to $4.50.

Heard from my friends that this is one of the popular seafood fried rice, call Paella. The wok is really big, and by looking at it, it's just so cool.

This stall is just beside the seafood fried rice, and the owner is really nice. They didn't want to take my order at first, as they run out of mushroom for this savory crepe. But because I don't have much food to eat there, they make an exception and cook this for me. And it's really yummy, and big.

Another sweet crepe my friends ordered. Honestly, can't remember the various food names. Haha.

Another dish well-loved by the guys. Kinda like deep fried pork? Will update again when I find out the name.

At Pasarbella, they have a corner where you can enjoy fresh seafood. Pretty amazing. As for the prices, I'm not so sure if it's reasonable. But the Salmon slices are quite thick.

That's all for PasarBella! Hope you guys like the photos! Haha.

Last visited: 18 Dec 2014


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