9 March 2015

Talad Rot Fai, The Train Night Market

Talad Rot Fai, also popularly known as the Train Night Market, is a must to go in Bangkok. Lots of vintage items you may remember your parents using them when you are young. You can visit this place with empty stomach too!

The Train Night Market is situated behind Seacon Square, which is quite a distance between the 2 BTS stations: On Nut and Udom Suk. Not recommended to walk from the BTS. We hailed a cab from On Nut BTS to Seacon Square and it's around 80 baht. We went on a Friday night, and the train is really quite bad. Not all cab drivers will want to take you to the Train Night Market too, probably because of the bad traffic around the area.

On the right of Seacon Square, you will find this boat there which point towards the night market. Walk right in!

Saw these little puppies along the road to the night market. So cute, but I can't bring them home.

Finally reached the train night market, there are lots of small stalls selling cheap and nice items like apparels, accessories, shoes, etc. The prices may vary for some shops, so if you can compare a few shops, you may get the best deal. But I don't usually bargain though.

Next up, are the street food there! So many different types of food!!

Angry bird sushi?! These aren't vegetarian, but it's so cute and creative! They made sushi into tiny bite size, and sell each at only 20 baht. Cheap and nice.

Super LOVE this Hong Kong Style Egg Waffle! Darren told me that this can actually be found in Hong Kong too. But I didn't notice it when we visited Hong Kong last year. So blur arh. Anyway, the inside of this egg waffle is filled with lots of chocolate and sliced almond. We had this at 35 baht. CHEAP!

Sorry guys. Was busy enjoying the food that I forgot to take more photos.. This is actually BBQ sticky rice. Satisfying though it get stuck in between my teeth. This is 10 baht each.

At Talad Roi Fai, there's also a corner where they sell antique furnitures, toys, and even things like basins and lamps.

That's all for the train night market. Will definitely visit again!

Last visited: 6 February 2015


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