6 June 2015

The other side of the world

Just visited the hospital that we have donated money for the equipment last year and it's really heart warming to see what we have donated actually benefited so many people in India.

None of my friends have expected me to go India,  a third world country, as my post exam trip. Honestly, of course I would love to go to countries like South Korea, Taiwan, etc for holidays. But not many times you get a chance to go to a third world country, especially with a group of awesome people. It was really an eye opening experience, and it makes me feel even blessed and fortunate to be born in a country call Singapore, and have all the facilities readily available.

The hospital we visited is situated in a small city call Vellore, in the southern part of India. The hospital was much bigger than what I expected previously, but to cater to all types of illnesses, it is totally not big enough. There are 6 storeys in total including the rooftop, and guess what, their research room is actually situated at the rooftop! That's how limited space they have.

We were greeted with lots of patients waiting outside their respective treatment rooms wherever we go. Some doesn't even have air conditional and can you imagine that the temperature for May 2015 is around 40 degrees Celsius? It's so hot! If this happens to me in Singapore, I probably would have filed a big complaint letter and make a big fuss out of it. But look at these people here, they all wait patiently outside, so discipline.

The machine beside the bed is an Echo Machine which is one of the machines we have helped to raise funds previously. It's an amazing machine that allows you to see the area around the heart like the chambers, vessels, etc. to see if there are any blockages or abnormalities

On average, each treatment rooms only have one equipment for the specific test. And some of the tests needs a few hours for each patient and to get the results. Can you imagine the long waiting time?

Of course there are some of the treatments whereby there are lots of people who help to raise funds for the equipments, example like Dialysis, they have quite a lot of machines, but the queue is still so long. Outside of the dialysis room, there are also lots of people waiting, some with kids, some just lie down on the floor.

After visiting the treatment rooms, we visited some of the wards. Just like Singapore, they have wards for the guys, and wards for the ladies. When I walk into the wards to take photos, I can feel the pain they are going through, and I really felt blessed to be able to help them a little.

I believe this is one of the greatest news we had when they told us that they are trying to build another wing, so that they can segregate the treatments and reduce the number of patients at the main wing.

Below are more photos taken in the hospital..

Hope that these people will recover soon. Please pray for them.


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