21 September 2015

Kotex LUXE Ultrathin Overnight

Recently just had a staycation at Lloyd's Inn with Darren. And the worse thing that can happen when you travel overseas or having a staycation is having menses (especially sleeping on these white bedding)! But Kotex new LUXE Overnight and Day pads saved my staycation!

The Day one is 24 cm long, and the Overnight one is 32 cm long. I personally never like pad with wings cause it always kind of poke me. But Kotex LUXE just make me feel comfortable even with wings. And their packaging is nice, love the bright cheerful colours, makes me feel less moody.

So glad to wake up to clean white bedding, it is the pad that will help you realise that overnight period leakage is never your fault. Why? LUXE comes with new honeycomb liquid-locker and surround lock protector, which is specially design to quickly absorb and lock away the fluid with additional security plus leakage protection, preventing it from back-flow, allowing your skin to be dry and comfortable. Besides those, it also has a new ultra comfort cover, a soft cottany surface that helps provide intimate care for your skin.

And guess what? You can redeem free samples from Sample Store, or from Kotex's very own facebook page! Otherwise, you can find them in stores like Watson, Guardian, and supermarkets too at $5.95 a pack.

You will love them too <3


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