4 January 2018

Start New Year with MagiClean Fabric Freshener!

This is probably one of the best inventions ever - the MagiClean Fabric Freshener! I first saw this in Korea (or I didn't notice it before) when we went to one of the BBQ eateries around Hongdae. It was used to remove the tough BBQ smell on our clothing after feasting.

Yes! This is the MagiClean Fabric Freshener that’s made in Japan, and I’ve been using ever since to clean my stuffed toys and cushions. It has strong penetrative power which allows it to penetrate deep into the fabric goners, killing 99.9% of the bacteria inside out. And forget about the drools when you hug the stuff toys to sleep, the MagiClean Fabric Freshener has natural deodorizing extracts that help to neutralise odour from the root and prevent it from returning for up to 24 hours. 

Besides being ergonomically designed for easy grip, the spray Fabric Freshener spray uses trigger technology from Japan that dispenses micro-mist spray for wider coverage. And I had a hard time trying to take a shot of the ultrafine mist! It comes in 370ml at $4.95 and available in all leading supermarkets and hypermarkets, minimarkets and provision shops. So convenient!

Plus, no more headaches on cleaning up my stuff toys! MagiClean Fabric Freshener is also good for other hard-to-wash fabric products like our bedding items, sofa, carpet, curtains, car seats, fabric shoes, and if you have babies, you may want to use it on their fabric toys and stroller seats. And with Chinese New Year around the corner, have one in your living room to eliminate cigarette and cooking smell on clothing when the guests press the doorbell! One last point to rejoice on this invention, it comes in 3 different fragrances - Fresh & Light scent, Refreshing Mint, and Pure Blossom fragrances!

This just made my housework a whole lot easier!


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