13 March 2018

BIODERMA 2-in-1 Moisturing Anti-UV Mist (Eau de soin SPF 30)

New in town! The BIODERMA Hydrabio 2-in-1 moisturising anti-UV mist (Eau de soin SPF 30), in short “Hydrabio” is a mist spray which helps to nourish and moisturise the skin. So why is it 2-in-1? It is the first product which combines sunscreen and anti-oxidant complex into a deeply hydrating water-based formula. And this is the only mist in the derma-cosmetics category that works to prevent skin aging on-the-go.

Let’s look into the 3 key factors that make Hydrabio so great.
  1. SPF in Water
I’m not a big fan of sticky skincare products like sunscreen, in result, I always look for other beauty products and cosmetics that integrates sunscreen in it. But the Hydrabio is the first beauty product which has non-sticky finish and is ultra-comfortable. It not only integrates sunscreen into water, it also creates an unique mist texture that requires no spreading and is invisible on the skin, even over makeup. There is also Cellular BioprotectionTM in it that assist in protecting the cellular DNA, which prevents our skin immune system from damaging and preserving our antioxidant reserve.
  1. Deeply Hydrating Water
Hydrabio is formulated using highly purified water and enriched with hydrating molecules. Powered by AquageniumTM patent, Hydrabio helps to repair skin barrier, retain moisture and restore skin’s water circulation. Adding on, this patent combines 2 ingredients apple seed extract and Vitamin PP which helps to stimulate water circulation. Hydrabio also contains glycerine and texture agents specifically chosen to increase hydration power while providing a refreshing sensation.
  1. Diffusion Technique
Last but not least, Hydrabio Eau de soin SPF 30 PA +++ feels fresh and light on the skin. It comes in an air-free pump bottle equipped with a gas-free atmospheric spray to protect the environment (you can do your part and be environmental friendly too!). And not to worry about staining your clothes as the formulae is stain-free.

How do we use it?
Hydrabio can be used as the last step of morning skincare routine or use it to re-hydrate, set make-up and protect skin from harmful UV rays. It can be sprayed on both the face and neck. And if you are concern on the ingredients, Hydrabio is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, paraben-free, alcohol-free, and fragrance-free.

Step 1: Shake Well
Step 2: Spray 20cm away from face
Step 3: Spray 4 times peruse
Step 4: Leave to dry, no need to spread!

Good news to start the week! For the month of March, BIODERMA 2-in-1 moisturising anti-UV mist (Eau de soin SPF 30) is exclusive to Watsons at $16.90 (save further 15%) before it rolls out islandwide on 1 April at $19.90. It can also be purchase at Watsons' eStore http://www.watsons.com.sg/hydrabio-2-in-1-moisturising-anti-uv-mist-(eau-de-soin-spf-30)/p/BP_78373?search=BP_78373.

And If you have any further questions or looking for more information, visit http://www.bioderma.sg/our-products/hydrabio/eau-de-soin-spf-30.


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