19 July 2019

Bingo the Netherland Dwarf!

Yes, we have a new addition to our family. Bingo. He's a cute little Netherland dwarf rabbit that I came across on Bunny Wonderland facebook. Initially, I was quite taken aback on their adoption requirements, which we have to send in photos or video of our house, and also to answer a series of their questionnaires. But we are sure we want to adopt a bunny so we just try our best to do what we can.

The next day, we received a call from Lynne from Bunny Wonderland and she briefed on the commitment we need to prepare for getting a bunny. I can hear that she's a true bunny lover and the care she has for them.  We were then invited to join the adoption drive to bond with the eligible bunnies.

Due to work commitments, I went to the adoption drive alone without Darren, and of course with his assurance that he is fine with whichever bunny I adopt. Not forgetting that he's quite an animal lover himself. From the bunnies photos, he was drawn to another bunny, but my heart is with little Bingo.

Guess which bunny did I first interact when I'm there? Bingo! Haha. 

Here's a short story on his rescue by Bunny Wonderland.

Bingo was rescued by a kind couple who found him straying in a Bukit Timah playground. They contacted us for help to find him a better home. He was rather malnourished and had irregular heartbeat, leading to our assumption that he was a senior rabbit. He also had a bite wound on his nose which could be due to attacks from community animals when he was abandoned for days. 

Foster mama Jackie took him into her wonderland to nurse him back to health. Thankfully, Bingo had a very strong spirit and started munching on hay as soon as he settled down in his playpen. Gradually, he gained good weight and was soon binkying around his playpen! He was a very joyful boy and everyone who sees him adore his friendly personality and sweet demure.

Chiou Ling and Darren never had a rabbit before but they were very keen to adopt one as their first pet. They prepared through our Rabbit Care Guide and came by our adoption drive to spend time with them. They spoke extensively with our volunteers to learn about their needs. They were particularly drawn to Bingo despite his older age and poorer health. We could see Bingo likes them too so when they asked to adopt him, we were very excited.

Caring for a special-need rabbit can be overwhelming for a first-time owner. To prepare them, we met the couple at the vet clinic so the vet can review his history and future needs. To our delight, Bingo made significant improvement since his straying days. His heart was healthier and the vet estimated him to be younger than we thought! The vet recommended regular reviews which the couple was ready to commit. With such great news, Bingo was ready to go to his new home.

Yesterday, Bingo was welcome to his new home. He was given a cosy 4-piece playpen in their guest room which will be his to roam when he is ready. Bingo was very relaxed and started munching on his hay and playing on his new rug. It was obvious that he loves his new home very much! Please join us in wishing Chiou Ling and Darren all the best in their new adventures with our darling Bingo!

Life at home is definitely different with little Bingo around. Every day we will be mindful of the time we head home. Every day we will sit on the floor and hand feed him pellets. I'm also not a veggie person although I'm a vegetarian. But now I will go to the supermarkets and look out for veggies and fruits for him to eat.

We will strongly recommend adopting a rabbit instead of buying one off the store. If you are keen to know more about bunnies, check out Bunny Wonderland website, they sure have lots of good information that are compiled over the years.
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25 November 2018

Park at Holland Village

Introduced by Huimin after posting a Q&A in instastory, Park is widely famous for its Mac n Cheese (even my sis knows about it!). But~ I didn't try the Mac 'n' Cheese as it is mixed with Turkey ham, and they are not able to remove it for me, probably pre-mixed.

Without many vegetarian options, only the above Mushroom Risotto and Margarita Pizza. Craving for a proper meal, I chose the Mushroom Risotto. It tastes alright, but a little jelak at the end.

The truffle fries are not bad, quite generous with the truffle and cheese. And 3 of us couldn't finish it after eating the main. 

Anyway, some of the other food below. No much comments as I can't eat them. XD

Hot latte and mocha with gem biscuits. <3

For all the sweet tooth lovers, this pastel pink cake will definitely satisfy you! But it's kinda overwhelming for the Darren and me.

Overall, Park is quite a nice place for gathering and catching up. But do be there during off-peak hours as the seating area is limited.

281 Holland Ave
Singapore 278621

Opening Hours
Tuesdays to Thursdays 11.00am to 12.00am
Fridays and Saturdays 11.00am to 2.00am
Sundays 11.00am to 12.00am
Close on Mondays




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13 July 2018

#DarAndLing Wedding 101

Does the thought of preparing for your wedding lunch or dinner make you jittery? This happened to me too. As I go through our wedding preparation process with my husband, we have got many friends who are curious about the decisions we made. So I have decided to journal down the process here!

I will be keeping this post open, and will update as we go along our wedding preparation. If you do have any questions, drop me a comment below, or even go to my Instagram highlights 'Questions' if you would like to be kept anonymous. I will try my best to answer them.

*Disclaimer* This is based on our own experience, and every couple's situation may be different. The vendors featured are not sponsors.

2015 September: He proposed
2016 January: Signed photoshoot package with bridal studio Gown Forestry
2016 April: ROM at Coffee Mint
2017 April: Prewed Photoshoot
2017: Collected our Photo albums
2017: Signed Guo Da Li package with The Chinese Wedding Shop
2018 January: Signed wedding banquet with Mandarin Oriental 
2018 February: Signed photographer and videographer package with DrinkTea
2018 August: Guo Da Li
2018 September: Our wedding day

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9 July 2018

Plus Eight Two +82

To all the Korea fans in Singapore~ This is one bingsu cafe that you should never miss. Why? 'Cause it has the finest shaved ice I've ever tried locally. And bonus point, this cafe is opened by one of BTOB member.

Situated between Dhoby Ghaut and Bras Basah MRT station, this bingsu cafe is at level one of Rendezvous Hotel. With full-length glass windows facing the road, daytime is the best time to visit with lots of natural lightings to take yummy photos.

My verdict after a few visits: the Mango Bingsu and Strawberry Bingsu are still my favourites here. Topped with whipped cream, the ice shave is drizzled with condensing milk, adding a sweetness to it. And when combined with the fruits, it balances off with a little sourness. Perfect for a duo face Gemini like me. Hehe.

Even though I'm a fan of nuts, the peanut powder in the Injeolmi bingsu is too fine for me, always causing itchy throat when enjoying. Nonetheless, the standard is still pretty good. With small pieces of Korean rice cakes inside, it can be a little filling.

At the back is a cup of insta-worthy Ice Coffee with milk.

The impression that I have for most of the Red Velvet Cakes is that they are very dry and chalky. But the Red Velvet here is different. The cake is surprisingly moist, and cream goes well with it and adding a hint of sweetness.

That's all! I have yet to try the toasts, if you have tried it, do share your comments below! <3

Rendezvous Gallery
9 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189559

Opening Hours
Daily 11.00am to 11.00pm


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