4 November 2014

Yi Vegetarian 益素食

Located in a bustling neighbourhood, just outside the megamall, nex, this little vegetarian eatery has a wide variety of vegetarian food. In the morning, they serve mixed vegetable rice (十什饭), afternoon onwards, you can order zhi char like Hor Fun, Mee Goreng, Fried Rice, etc. As for the evening, now they try to cater additional dishes like Claypot Tofu, etc.

The shop front, taken in the evening.

Herbs Fried Rice 香椿炒饭 $4.50

This is our current favourite place to eat Herbs Fried Rice 香椿炒饭. It tastes really, but will need to drink lots of water after that. The main fragrance not only comes from Xiang Chun 香椿, but also the ham they used, taste really good. The portion is kinda big, and it can really last me till the next meal (usually I start to get hungry after 1.5 hours)! *craves~*

Mee Goreng $4.00
We were first recommended to try their Hor Fun which was known to be yummy, or should I say, very tasty. Little bro ordered Mee Goreng, it looks good though, but did not give it a try.

If you are around in the neighbourhood, do pop by to support them. After having lunch or dinner, can just pop by Artease, which is just around the corner, and have some tea and desserts.

Last Visited: 2 November 2014

262 Serangoon Central Drive
Besides La Kopi Coffeeshop
Singapore 550262

Nearest MRT: Serangoon


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