8 December 2014

2014 Christmas Desserts

Besides Chinese New Year, Christmas is my most love festive season each year! All the fun and gift exchanges, it just bring people together! Will be sharing and updating our Christmas eats here!

They have a few Christmas theme drinks and cake. Tried their Xmas Raspberry Rhapsody, a Raspberry flavoured cheese cake. The m&n chocolates will only be added when it is being served, an added surprise for the festive.

Speculoos White Chocolate Milk Tea - $4.80 (reg) / $5.80 (large)
Cranberry White Chocolate Freeze - $6.00 (reg) / $7.00 (large)
Speculoos Cookie Butter Bar
Xmas Raspberry Rhapsody (Cheesecake) - $6.00

Xmas Raspberry Rhapsody
Snowflake, Christmas Tree, Snowman and Wreath, what you see most during Christmas. But they missed out my presents.. These donuts are selling at $2.95 each.

Macaroons! Freaking love their Morrocan Mint Tea flavour macaroons. To match the festive, they changed their packaging to red with gold prints. Recently they came out with limited edition 'Noel in Singapore Tea & Spiced Mandarin Orange". According to the staff, it is specially for Christmas. But somehow, it tasted more like Chinese New Year, probably due to the orangy taste.

Their macaroons are priced at $2.00, very very affordable.

Christmas Packaging
Noel in Singapore Tea & Spiced Mandarin Orange

Looking for beautiful log cakes and Christmas cookies? Check out Bakerzin. :)

Happen to chance upon Antoinette at Mandarin Gallery. And tried their Christmas flavours - Rum and Raisin (center) and Black Forest (right).

Have you tried any Christmas eats? Share with us through the comment box below!


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