1 January 2015

The Providore @ Mandarin Gallery

By far, this is my favourite Hot Chocolate Drink - The Providore Hot Chocolate with Peppermint. The first time I had it was during Cafe Fest SG 2014.and it was love at first taste! And finally, I visited The Providore at Mandarin Gallery, a cafe which I have been wanting to go there ever since.

Went to The Providore after dinner. So glad that it was so peaceful.

Only had The Providore Hot Chocolate with Peppermint (as we had a heavy dinner before that). It was an unique experience. The whole cup is actually just dark chocolate, and the powder you seen in the photo, it's actually the Peppermint flavour Hot Chocolate powder, which you are suppose to stir it in yourself to get the taste. Didn't know that at first, and I ended up enjoying half of the powder without mixing.

They have more that just hot chocolate. Seems like they are quite popular with their cheese plates. More dishes can be found at their website: http://www.theprovidore.com/. Hope to visit them again soon!

Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road
Singapore 238897


Opening Hours:
Daily 9am - 11pm, including public holidays


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