19 September 2015

Lloyd's Inn - The Big Skyroom

This is one of the place I really want to go for staycation - Lloyd's Inn. Didn't know it is located near our forefather's house (Mr Lee Kuan Yew). Easier way to get there is from Somerset, walk up slope from Killiney Post Office, past the stretch of shophouses, turn left before the 24 hours NTUC, and uphill again. There's quite a lot of eating place along Killiney Road, otherwise you can go back to Orchard Central for dinner. The slopes will make good exercise, no gym required.

Anyway, let's head to our room now - The Big Skyroom!

Once you open the door, you will be welcomed by the stairs. Honestly, I was a little disappointed. From all the images seen on the net, I thought it's a really big and spacious room, with stairs, upper floor, and a outdoor chilling area. Nonetheless, it is considered quite spacious as compared to some hotels, and most importantly, it's clean.

Free wifi were provided to us, and there's no limit to the number of devices we can connect, plus the internet speed is good. In the room there is a large Smart Television whereby you can surf the net and watch shows online. We watched our usual, Shippuden, Naruto.

This is the pool I saw so often on social media, wasn't really much for swimming, but playing in the pool with your friends or love ones.

There is also a common pantry with drinks vending machine (cheap!), microwave, hot drinks dispenser, high tables and chairs at the back open area. A nice hangout place with your love one under the starry night.

As for breakfast, don't worry. They will give you 2 breakfast coupon for you to have your breakfast at either Killiney Kopitiam, or a cafe (forgot the name). We had ours at Killiney Kopitiam as it's Darren's favourite place. And damn, it's really good! The eggs they use for half boiled eggs are big, and their kaya.. Yummz!

Did a simple walkthrough in the room, but missed out on the toilet. Haha.'

Overall, it was a really pleasant stay for me. Why? Cause Darren proposed to me that evening!

2 Lloyd Road
Singapore 239091

+65 6737 7309


Date Stayed:
13 September 2015


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