21 December 2015

The Modern Calligraphy Workshop by The Letter J Supply

This is one workshop that I have always wanted to try - The Modern Calligraphy. Was really excited when I manage to find one workshop that is on Sunday (usually it falls on a weekday or Saturday).

Materials are provided during the workshop - Oblique Pen Holder, Nicco G Nib (or Nikko), Sumi Ink and Layout Paper. They also have guide sheets for us as reference. Joanne, the founder of The Letter J Supply, which is also our teacher for the workshop, shows great knowledge and confidence in calligraphy. She explained patiently on the various things to note, and also demo different techniques in writing calligraphy. At the end of the day, once you grasp the foundation of calligraphy, you will need to define your own style and make it yours. Consistency in the writings is also one of the main key.

Tried applying what we have learnt during the workshop, and this is what it turns out to be though there's still room for improvement. Never stop learning even if it does not apply or benefit your current job. To me, it's something I like to do, and it makes me happy. If you like calligraphy too, go for it. :)



Triple One Somerset
111 Somerset Road

Opening Hours
12.00 pm - 8.00 pm

Last Visited
13 December 2015


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