17 December 2016

Do you always experience dry eyes or blurry vision with your contact lenses at the end of the day?

I often have this problem due to prolonged hours of wearing the contact lens and staring at computer screens; this is the infamous "tired eyes". Besides that, almost everyday my eyes will feel dry at the end of the day which resulted in me straining my eyes to see clearly. And because of the dry eyes, I am prone to rubbing my eyes often to wet the contact lens.

According to a research by ACUVUE®, many contact lens wearers have the above symptoms due to our demanding and ever-changing lifestyle, which is what I'm facing too. Even though we know the cause, but being a woman myself, I often choose to look good rather than feeling comfortable. And thanks to ACUVUE®'s latest innovation, I never have to be bothered with dry eyes and tired eyes.

I get to know ACUVUE® better when I was invited to one of the ACUVUE® Experience Centres for a complimentary eye examination and to have a better understanding on how unfit lens will affect my everyday life. This comprehensive eye examination isn't limited to anyone. In fact, it is always good to do regular checks every year to ensure all is well. It includes:
  • Personalised consultation to understand your lifestyle and vision correction needs
  • Accurate vision measurement and prescription
  • Comprehensive eye health assessment
  • Detection of any signs of UV damage
  • Advice on contact lens fitting, removal and maintenance
The Eye Care Professional who attended to me is Casey, he is friendly and patient with all my questions. We started off with understanding my daily routine and needs, and to note if there are any forms of discomfort with my current pair of contact lenses.

Casey used the Refractor to check the degree of my current lens, whether is it over-powered or just nice. According to him, it is common for opticians to incorrectly prescribe over-powered degree lenses as we tend to be confused by which image is clearer during the eye test.

These are the other tests done to ensure my eyes are healthy and in good condition to continue wearing contact lens. Althought I have been wearing spectacles and contact lenses for so many years, it was my first time doing the Posterior Eye Exam using Digital Fundus Camera, and according to Casey, not my local optical shops have it. This camera allows the optician to have an in-depth look underneath the cornea and spot any irregularities if there is any. Pretty awesome.

After the eye examination, Casey prescribed me with the 1-Day ACUVUE® MOIST® for Astigmatism and even gave me a pair to try out for a day first before making my purchase. The lenses are much softer and moist as compared to my previous contact lenses and I didn't have any trouble fitting it on. *thumbs up!*

#achievementunlocked! Here's my happy eyes with 1-Day ACUVUE® MOIST® for Astigmatism, the lenses which provide me with stable vision across the day, for patients with Astigmatism (that's me!). Ever since the Eye Examination, I have been wearing the 1-Day ACUVUE® MOIST® for Astigmatism for about 2 weeks and my eyes don't feel as dry as before.

And good news to all of you! ACUVUE® is giving away $30 e-voucher for your first pair of ACUVUE® contact lenses. Just simply go to http://www.acuvue.com.sg/e-voucher, fill in the information and download the e-voucher. The e-voucher is valid for ACUVUE® Oasys 1-Day, ACUVUE® MOIST® for Astigmatism, 1-Day ACUVUE® Define®, and 1-Day ACUVUE® Moist for Multifocal depending on your need.

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