23 July 2017

A Better Florist

Morning walks, markets, coffees, fresh flowers, beautiful food, and good company.

So in love with the lovely bouquet 'The Keira' by A Better Florist, which has all 3 of my favourite flowers - roses, lilies and baby breath. Bought it on impulse when I was having my PMS. Oops!

Next, if you ever need to order a bouquet at the very last minute, go to A Better Florist. They are able to deliver your bouquet within the same day if you order before 3 pm. And guess what, delivery is free! That’s totally a bonus point as other florists usually charge $10-$15 additional depending on the location, and not to mention in CBD area.

Can't get enough of the photos with this beautiful bouquet. <3

Photo credit: A Better Florist
If you like to buy flowers, you will notice that most of the flower bouquets in Singapore, either off-shelves or online, are quite pricey. But a bouquet like The Ayla (the above bouquet, and not mine) in A Better Florist, has like 5 stalks of sunflowers at only $68! It's definitely a good deal! Why? Earlier this year we wanted to get a bouquet of 3 sunflowers for our aunt, and we were quoted $75 for it at another florist. This is one of the reasons why I like to order flowers from A Better Florist.

Also, get your hands to work with A Better Florist too! They organise flower jamming every Saturday! Like this coming week is you will be working on roses and carnations, two of my favourite flowers to take photos because of the intense colours.

Photo credit: A Better Florist
It’s an awesome way to spend your Saturday with your partner, friends and family. A simple workshop that keeps everyone away from the gadgets and back to the beautiful nature. What’s best is you will be able to bring back your blooms after the workshop!

**For more information on the Flower Arrangement Workshop, check out https://www.abetterflorist.com/blog/better-florist-flower-arrangement-workshop/.

In a nutshell, I look forward to getting more flower bouquets or displays from A Better Florist. *hints to hubby*

The Riverside Piazza
11 Keng Cheow Street
Singapore 059608





  1. The bouquet looks gorgeous! Shall go checkout A Better Florist website! There’s always something about flowers that makes people feel good~ Scrolling through these online floral sites can get really addictive and makes me feel like a kid in a candy store! The bouquets I came across at Floral Garage https://floralgaragesg.com/product/deluxe-freestyle-bouquet/ looks really pretty too ! Thinking of getting one for my mom!

    1. Yes they are! The other florist link you commented looks cool too with customisation of bouquet!