10 August 2017

Hanging Out to Dry with Steigen

While planning for our new house, we came upon a section which was widely left with very little consideration by many home owners (I feel you guys now ) due to the very limited space available there, the drying yard!

Most home owners face these challenges:
  • (Very) small drying yard space,
  • Little ventilation space which causes smell in clothes,
  • “Friendly” neighbours who may hang things other than clothes outside their home like dripping wet mops etc.,
  • Big, bulky dryers which take up a lot of space and drinks electricity like water every month,
  • Not being able to keep the clothes in time if it rains and they are at work,
  • Heaving heavy laundry like bedding and blankets to hang,
  • Hangers in the new HDB homes are manual and may jam if pulled too quickly,
And the list goes on…..

With these considerations in mind, we set out to find something which could tackle all these issues and still not burn too big a hole in our pockets. That is where we found Steigen!

We ventured on to their showroom to see what Steigen’s laundry racks can do and through the experience, we see that all those challenges faced above (and more!) can be covered without much hassle!

Before going into the details, a little more about the company...

A homegrown brand started in 2013, Steigen aimed to resolve Singapore’s laundry woes by fusing the best of German technology to incorporate high standards in quality, efficiency and design for automated laundry systems. During the tour in the showroom, we learnt more about Steigen in the following:

Compact yet Versatile – Retractable Poles

Wanting to hide away bamboo poles when they’re not in use can be a pretty big task, especially when the new homes are already so tiny! But with the retractable poles on Steigen’s laundry racks, we’re able to keep the laundry rack compact and stowed away when not in use.

Easy Lifting – Convenience at a touch of a button

Being able to lift up to 35kg worth of clothing is no easy feat. But it is definitely possible with their range of laundry racks. The racks are remotely controlled which lifts heavy loads effortlessly at a simple touch of a button. Definitely lesser complaining will be heard at home especially when it is Washing-the-Bedsheets-and-Blankets Day because they can be quite a heavyweight!

Oh! And I do have to also tell you that the remote is portable so you can “raise the bar” even when you are not at the laundry yard!

In-built Safety Mechanism

Steigen has included also an in-built safety mechanism that allows the rack to do an emergency halt should the sensor bar touch any surface (other than air…)! So you don’t have to worry about having the laundry rack plough through any obstacle which was unnecessarily placed there!

Steigen’s Laundry Racks

Over the years, Steigen’s laundry racks have evolved from a simple model to having their signature Solar series which allows more than just hanging out to dry. Check out the various models below and see which may fit your preferences!

Steigen Exalt+ Flexi
For friends who have a nice, airy area which has pretty good natural sunlight, they may be considering a simple model to help with easy, lifting and lowering of laundry, the Exalt+ Flexi is just something which they may be looking for. This basic model does help fulfil the primary needs of automated lifting and lowering of laundry for convenience for home owners.

Steigen Exalt+ UV
This model suits the needs of individuals if they are looking to have their clothes clean and bacteria-free. The Exalt+ UV model utilises the ultraviolet lamps to disinfect the clothing. In addition, this model comes with a single direction fan which helps clothes dry faster.

Steigen Exalt+ Solar
One of the most popular in the Exalt+ series, the Solar comes with a built-in heating technology to help clothes dry evenly. As many people will definitely agree with me that clothes must have the sun-baked-to-a-crisp dried clothing smell, which is fluffy and not musty, and 99.9% of bacteria is also eliminated during the drying process with this system.

Drying of clothes are much more efficient using this system because this heating technology only uses 0.9kWh of energy each time. And drying time is brought down from the usual 4-6 hours to a mere 1-2 hours! What a cut down in drying time, which means more clothes can be washed quickly and you can wear your favourite top or dress faster without having to burn a hole in your pocket! (#yay!)

Steigen Exalt+ Solar S
This is the mini-me version of the Solar! Everything written above in Solar applies to this S version (#stillyay!), and the only difference is that the Solar S is slightly reduced in size to fit the service yards of smaller units and condo owners. The weight allowed for this rack is also reduced slightly due to the smaller version. But the speed of drying and the efficiency of the rack is not compromised.

Energy Saving

One of the biggest concern my husband had is the electricity bill considering how much electricity we’re going to use because of the many electrical appliances at home like the fridge, oven and also our computers no thanks to our hardcore gaming nature. And although Steigen’s Laundry systems require electricity to run and dry our clothing, the amount of electricity is surprisingly a fraction of the costs comparing to an electric dryer. A conventional bulky electric dryer would cost an average of $42 a month whereas a Steigen Solar laundry rack would cost an average of $7.20 a month! What a difference in pricing and so much more in savings for home owners!


This is probably one of the key deciding factors many home owners see when deciding on a laundry rack. The Exalt systems range from $799 - $999 depending on what you choose from. BUT! Get $50 off by keying STEIGEN50 upon check-out at https://www.steigen.com.sg/products/exalt-solar!

After going through the showroom, we’re definitely including this in our shopping basket when working out our home which is coming soon! Which means a tighter budget due to the extensive renovation, but quoting my husband, “How to not get??”, this has already been included in the designs of our home, especially our kitchen and service yard!


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