23 October 2017

Grove @ Waterway Point

Grove, one of the makan place we have been to for a few times and recently they just had a makeover for their menu with their dishes being streamlined. So we went again last Sunday with my Mother in law to try it out.

They have 6 different dishes, all noodles, and if you prefer to eat rice, it will be their bento set.

For faster serving, it will be the bento set whereby you will get to choose 1 mains 2 vegetables or 2 mains 1 vegetable. They have two different types of rice - sesame rice or brown rice. The concept is quite similar to Green Dot (if you have tried it before), even their dishes look similar. However, the dishes didn’t look appetising and we opted for noodles.

The noodles available are Signature Dry Truffle Ramen, Herbal Soup Ramen, Tomato Soup Spinach Noodle, Laksa Soup Ramen, Dry Kung Pau Ramen and Dry Tomato Spinach Noodle.

Going all healthy at Grove, their drinks are either tea or fruit with milk. The fruit is mashed up and frozen, making layering effect in the bottle, and Instagram worthy. Haha. It’s a little challenging to mix the fruit and the milk, and also to drink it from the straw. 

The Cream Cheese Stick is yummylicious! Although it’s not freshly fried, it still tastes good. The cream cheese inside are mixed with herbs and enhances the taste. Was a little sad that it’s sold out for the evening.

Signature Truffle Dry Ramen $8.80

Here’s the Signature Truffle Dry Ramen, looks kinda plain in presentation. Accordingly to hubby, it tasted normal, nothing much special about it.

Herbal Soup Ramen $7.80

Always love a hot bowl of soup, and same goes for noodles soup! Got myself a bowl of Herbal Soup Ramen. Was glad that the Ramen doesn’t turn soggy as we waited a while for all the dishes to be ready. And the soup tastes good!

Dry Kung Pao Noodle $6.80

Lastly, this is the Dry Kung Pao Noodles with nice combination of colours. My Mother in law was quite disappointed with it as she has expected it to come with a bowl of soup just like how we used to eat dry noodles (like wanton mee). Other than that, the dish is nice and flavourful. 

Overall, the dinner was pleasant and there wasn’t much of a crowd on Sunday evening (we went around 7.30pm). And hope they comes up with more dishes soon!

Waterway Point
83 Punggol Central
West Wing #02-21
Singapore 828761


Opening Hours
Daily 11.00am to 10.00pm



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