13 July 2018

#DarAndLing Wedding 101

Does the thought of preparing for your wedding lunch or dinner make you jittery? This happened to me too. As I go through our wedding preparation process with my husband, we have got many friends who are curious about the decisions we made. So I have decided to journal down the process here!

I will be keeping this post open, and will update as we go along our wedding preparation. If you do have any questions, drop me a comment below, or even go to my Instagram highlights 'Questions' if you would like to be kept anonymous. I will try my best to answer them.

*Disclaimer* This is based on our own experience, and every couple's situation may be different. The vendors featured are not sponsors.

2015 September: He proposed
2016 January: Signed photoshoot package with bridal studio Gown Forestry
2016 April: ROM at Coffee Mint
2017 April: Prewed Photoshoot
2017: Collected our Photo albums
2017: Signed Guo Da Li package with The Chinese Wedding Shop
2018 January: Signed wedding banquet with Mandarin Oriental 
2018 February: Signed photographer and videographer package with DrinkTea
2018 August: Guo Da Li
2018 September: Our wedding day


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