19 July 2019

Bingo the Netherland Dwarf!

Yes, we have a new addition to our family. Bingo. He's a cute little Netherland dwarf rabbit that I came across on Bunny Wonderland facebook. Initially, I was quite taken aback on their adoption requirements, which we have to send in photos or video of our house, and also to answer a series of their questionnaires. But we are sure we want to adopt a bunny so we just try our best to do what we can.

The next day, we received a call from Lynne from Bunny Wonderland and she briefed on the commitment we need to prepare for getting a bunny. I can hear that she's a true bunny lover and the care she has for them.  We were then invited to join the adoption drive to bond with the eligible bunnies.

Due to work commitments, I went to the adoption drive alone without Darren, and of course with his assurance that he is fine with whichever bunny I adopt. Not forgetting that he's quite an animal lover himself. From the bunnies photos, he was drawn to another bunny, but my heart is with little Bingo.

Guess which bunny did I first interact when I'm there? Bingo! Haha. 

Here's a short story on his rescue by Bunny Wonderland.

Bingo was rescued by a kind couple who found him straying in a Bukit Timah playground. They contacted us for help to find him a better home. He was rather malnourished and had irregular heartbeat, leading to our assumption that he was a senior rabbit. He also had a bite wound on his nose which could be due to attacks from community animals when he was abandoned for days. 

Foster mama Jackie took him into her wonderland to nurse him back to health. Thankfully, Bingo had a very strong spirit and started munching on hay as soon as he settled down in his playpen. Gradually, he gained good weight and was soon binkying around his playpen! He was a very joyful boy and everyone who sees him adore his friendly personality and sweet demure.

Chiou Ling and Darren never had a rabbit before but they were very keen to adopt one as their first pet. They prepared through our Rabbit Care Guide and came by our adoption drive to spend time with them. They spoke extensively with our volunteers to learn about their needs. They were particularly drawn to Bingo despite his older age and poorer health. We could see Bingo likes them too so when they asked to adopt him, we were very excited.

Caring for a special-need rabbit can be overwhelming for a first-time owner. To prepare them, we met the couple at the vet clinic so the vet can review his history and future needs. To our delight, Bingo made significant improvement since his straying days. His heart was healthier and the vet estimated him to be younger than we thought! The vet recommended regular reviews which the couple was ready to commit. With such great news, Bingo was ready to go to his new home.

Yesterday, Bingo was welcome to his new home. He was given a cosy 4-piece playpen in their guest room which will be his to roam when he is ready. Bingo was very relaxed and started munching on his hay and playing on his new rug. It was obvious that he loves his new home very much! Please join us in wishing Chiou Ling and Darren all the best in their new adventures with our darling Bingo!

Life at home is definitely different with little Bingo around. Every day we will be mindful of the time we head home. Every day we will sit on the floor and hand feed him pellets. I'm also not a veggie person although I'm a vegetarian. But now I will go to the supermarkets and look out for veggies and fruits for him to eat.

We will strongly recommend adopting a rabbit instead of buying one off the store. If you are keen to know more about bunnies, check out Bunny Wonderland website, they sure have lots of good information that are compiled over the years.


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